Wednesday, June 16, 2010


This summer school I truly believe was better than my regular English class I took this year. It was short but sweet, meaning in the little time I have spent are learned a great big deal of stuff. Where to began, well coming into Mr. Leh’s class was very interesting. I honestly did not know what to expect. I didn’t know what kind of teacher he would be and how he taught. The first couple of days were horrible. I did not like his teaching strategies at all. The whole spelling test things were just hard to get. I don’t know what it was it just wasn’t for me. I like to write, and I think lots of others did to. Mr. Leh recognized that and changed his whole teaching strategies around.

This class overall was wonderful. It taught me many things about what is going on in our world today. There are all these problems happening that I never would have even thought twice about. But then Mr. Leh changed my whole perspective on just everything in general. I never knew I had a voice in this world at my age. I want change and I thought that could only happen when I became an adult. Boy was I ever wrong. There are so many things you can do to take action. So many different websites and things you can go to, to get your voice heard.

Before when I heard of the natural disaster that’s going on now which is the oil spill I never really paid attention. I always thought oh well it is somebody else’s problem not mine. They caused it then they can fix it. Once again I was wrong and Mr. Leigh helped me see that. His generation is the ones causing problems to this beautiful world. It is now going to be up to me and my generation to fix things, if it we even have enough time.

When I first started this class I was a pretty bad writer. Always wanting to just write with a paper and pen. But this class helped me see that things aren’t really done that way anymore. This world is changing very rapidly into the technology era. Before I really wouldn’t blog, or even use the computer because I really did not know how. But once I learned I love it. If it weren’t for this class I still would have been clueless to what going on in this world and what is happening all around me. All aspects of this class were helpful. I believe I became a well developed writer through this class. My grammar is a lot better. I can now develop my paragraphs better. Before I you would ask me to write an 800 word essay I would think you were crazy. But now I would say no problem. This class not only taught me about writing, grammar, and spelling but it taught me to want to make change and help make this world a better place. This class changed my view of this world, and made me into a better writer and I thank Mr. Lehfor that!


I believe having a uniform in high school is ridiculous. It is already bad enough we went kinder garden to eight grade wearing uniforms, now you’re trying to make us do it now in high school it’s ridiculous. This is just plain dumb.

I do believe and strongly believe that wearing uniforms now in high school is ridiculous. I believe this because all our lives educators told us to be different, and leaders. Well one way we are different and show our individuality is through our clothing. Not everyone is the same and its interesting seeing people personalities in the clothes they wear.

Taking us and making us all look the same will cause problems. The reason being is us as students we will have to figure out another way to express ourselves. That will force us to act out and probably get us in trouble. We already have a dress code which we don’t particularly agree with, but we compromise just because of the simple fact of getting to wear what we want and look different. What’s the point of uniforms anyway I don’t get it. Maybe it’s your way of controlling us but I really don’t understand. We really don’t get much in high school but this is our one thing we do get and we enjoy it. It makes us feel good about ourselves. It is also cool to see what other people are wearing, and how they wear it. It helps us get along because we will say nice things to each other, like nice shirt or pants and that makes someone feel good all day. One who is shy or quiet and is just all around not confident, this person I guarantee you that they express how they feel about things through the way they dress.

If this is the way administration wants to control us, I really don’t know what to think of that. I just believe it is sad because these people who are our supposedly superior to us can’t even come up with something better to do. I think dress code shouldn’t even matter in schools. A school is for education, and why worry about how people look every day. They should be focusing on fixing our education systems not about what we wear. They should worry about test scores and how to fix that instead of our appearances’. Lastly they should worry about the dropout rates and how to bring them down instead of something as dumb as clothes. We are all becoming young adults and realizing what’s going on around us and should be able to make our own decisions.


Dear Mr. President,

Hello my name is Jeremy Gonzales I am writing to you as a concerned citizen. I am not here to complain to you or tell you off about the oil spill. Even though it outrages me, I just want you to hear some quotes I have picked out that reminded me of what is going on in this world today. They have been very inspirational to me and hopeful to you as well. Maybe these will help you come to some kind of conclusion. “Thank god men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as earth” Henry David Thoreau. “There is a sufficiency in the world for mans need but no for mans greed” Mohandas k. ghandi. “there’s so much pollution in the air now that is it weren’t for our lungs there would be no place to put it all” Robert Orben. “Modern technology owes ecology an apology” Allan m. Edison. “In America today you can murder land for private profit. You can leave the corpse for all to see and nobody calls the cops” Paul Brookes. “Don’t blow it- good planets are hard to find” quoted in time.” Nature provides a free lunch, but only if we control our appetites”Wiiliam R. “because we don’t think about future generations, they will never forget us” Henrick T. “I’m not an environmentalist. I’m an earth warrior” Darryl cherney. “I am earth. You are earth. The earth is dying. You and I are murderers”ymber delecto.

All these quotes relate to the oil spill because they relate to them in a huge way. It tells us how if we don’t open our eyes we will destroy ourselves. It states that we are all connected to this earth some way and we are just killing ourselves. For what? Our own personal greed and profit. This earth gives all we need, but when we start getting greedy it will just shut down and be gone. Lastly it says we are building our own graves and not thinking about our future generations. They will never forget us because they will never experience the things we have today, and because of us they will be living in this ugly nasty world.


Well I believe I am a very independent person who is different from many. This is because I am a leader not a follower. This is different from many because everyone wants to fit in and be like the rest. That’s when people end up doing bad stuff, because of pure pressure and doing something that is harmful to themselves just because they think it’s cool and they will fit in better. Personally I really don’t care whether I fit in or not. I think it’s cool and fun if you just do something silly and fun every now and then. I am one of those people who likes to make other people laugh and smile. People tell me I do that for them and brighten up they’re day. I just don’t care if people don’t like me, I am always going to be me and if you don’t like it then you don’t have to be my friend just keep to yourself. That’s how I believe you find your true friends; they’re the ones who like you for who you are.

To this point in my life I have learned many lessons. Some good and bad because of choices I have made in the past. The most important lesson I have learned is on respect. I believe respect is one of the best qualities you can have as a person. With respect you will get along with people a whole lot better. If you respect them and the things they are doing they will respect you right back. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

Everyone has to pass away sometime; they just have to that’s the way it is. There is no such thing as being alive for eternity, so when I do I want to be remembered for many things. But the big one is I want to be remembered for someone who was happy all the time. One who always had a smile on his face that brightened up the room and made other people in the room smile. Also I would like to be remembered for a funny person. I enjoy making people laugh and seeing the joy I bring to they’re faces. Hopefully I have achieved that to this point in my life. The reason I would like to be remembered for that is because I believe life is too short to be mad all the time, and when you’re happy I believe you will be successful in everything do and will have lived your life to the fullest.

I think I do a lot of nice things for people. I usually help them with things they need. But the main thing I help with is advice. I don’t know why but I have a lot of great advice. I think it is because I have done more than most of the kids my age. So I have experienced a lot more things they have not yet, and when they do I most likely have already done that and know what they’re going through and I am able to give them the advice they need to get through whatever they are going through at that time in they’re lives. Plus I am they’re age and they can come and relate to me better. I am a trustworthy person, and a great listener. That I think is another reason they come to me with they’re problems. I get this from my dad, he has great advice and people thank him all the time. They freak out because my dad is young and just a barber. But when they hear what he has to say and the knowledge that he contains they’re minds are just blown away.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My how to manual is going to be on hooking sound system up to your car or truck to make it sound great and turn heads. There are many different speakers and things you can buy. All come in different sizes, colors and different brands. You have to get speakers based on the room you have in your vehicle. Yes you can squeeze speakers into your car or truck but then the speaker won’t live up to its potential. It has to have room to breathe so it doesn’t get hot and performs well. Also you will need to get these little speakers which are called tweeters. These are to separate the voice sound from the bass, that way you can hear the words. Another thing you will need is what’s called an amplifier; this is to power the speaker you buy. Then it is good to get an epicenter so you can have your speaker perform louder and with more bass. Then the last thing you need is a deck, this is so you can separate the voice sound from the speaker you just bought. Because the speaker is for pure bass and if the words are coming through it will sound like crap.
Ok now for the installation, it is not that long of a process but you have to have patients. The tools you need to have are wire cutters, and a screw driver. Next you need to know where you want to place your amplifier. When you found that place make sure it has a ground then mount it there. Next you need to take your wires and cut them, then connect them to the amp. Positives to positives and negatives to negatives. Then run them to your speaker and then connect them there. And it’s the same thing positives to positives and negatives to negatives. Also make sure they don’t touch because they will ground out. Then run your rca’s and tweeters. Then take your power wire and connect it to the battery and the amp. Then you have to connect your deck. Remove your old one carefully and again make sure no wires touch. Then just connect the wires up accordingly in the back. Now turn your radio on and see if your amp light is green. If it is now you’re ready to blast your radio and piss of your neighbors because their houses are shaking.


A man had a huge pet tiger that he fed eighty pounds of meat every day. But one day the man began to have a strange feeling about the tiger. Could he turn on him and take his life the man questioned himself. Did the tiger not love him like the man loved the tiger? Every day the man would become more and more cautious when he fed the tiger. From then on the tiger would seem to be more aggressive with his food. Going on in life the man started to get old. Having this huge tiger became a hard task of keeping him around. Indefinite about what he should do with the tiger he found himself thinking. Just about a day went by and he still didn’t know what to do with the tiger. Kind a confused he went on a long walk. Looking for an answer of what to do with the tiger he came across this old hat. Mighty fine hat the man thought it was. Nobody was around to claim the hat so the man took it. Orange and black was the color of the hat and that reminded him of the tiger. People always said he was crazy and he was beginning to think they were right. Questioning his judgment of the past he decided to get rid of the tiger before anything bad happened. Ready to get rid of his pet he has for nine years now he began to feel bad about getting rid of him. So he decided to go and spend some last hours of quality time with the tigers. Then it happened the tiger just swiped the man with his ferocious paw. Unknowingly the man was almost dead with that one swipe. Very shocked the man managed to get to his feet. With all his might he tried to fight for his life. Xanadu is the only thing on his mind when he knows he is almost dead. Yesterday he never thought this kind of thing would have happened. Zebra is what the tiger should be eating was the man’s last thought.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Finally I’m out of here, I was once known as Jeremy Gonzales but now I shall be called Joseph Sandoval. I am moving from a small city called Albuquerque to the big city of Las Vegas Nevada! I am so glad to be leaving this boring town and moving to a beautiful and amazing place. I am leaving everything behind, all the embarrassing and bad stuff about me behind. I get to come here with a clean slate and a fresh start. I am not leaving much behind besides what to me was just a boring life.

When I get to the big city I’ll be expecting big things. I was told that this is the city that never sleeps, and also that it was called “sin city”. I am expecting a bunch of party people, which is a lot different from the people in my town. If I want to commit to this change of my identity I have to come out of my comfort zone and become one of those party people. I will also have to leave everything of the past behind. I will have no contact with family or friends what so ever.

I am now entering the city of Las Vegas Nevada, and I have to say it’s huge. There are many tall buildings, cool looking restaurants, and many places to go have fun. I want to look for a job here. I hope to be a bartender here like I was back home. But I don’t know how I am going to do that with the fake name and all.

I am going from living in a regular old house, to this amazing condo. It’s one of the best living spaces I have ever seen. The built this house very eco friendly. It has a lot of cool features. Like recycling bins, energy saver bulbs, and many other things of that sort. This place also includes a pool and hot tube that’s right next to a bar. This condo is the perfect bachelor pad, and I think I will love it here because it helps with the person I want to be.

Well I applied to this bar called ice, and I got the job. I got it because they don’t do background checks there. So I was able to lie to them about who I was and got the job. Being a bartender is the only I won’t leave in the past. Bartending is my passion and I love it too much to just stop doing it. This place fits its name very well. Everything here is actually made out of ice. I mean everything, cups, chairs, tables and many other things.

After bartending a few nights here, I met a couple of people. I met a girl and a guy, David and jasmine. They seem like cool people, and I think I will fit in with then well. So later that night David invited to this club called lick. I decided to go with him. I believe it will be fun and a good way to meet new people. We get to the bar and right away were invited to the v.i.p room by these two gorgeous girls. I introduce myself and almost blow my secret because I said my real name. But I fixed it by saying only some people call me that. I don’t know why it just feels awkward lying so much to people. So anyway we leave the club and all of us go out to eat. I tell these beautiful ladies how I want to go to college and the girl I was with mentioned that she knew the Dean of the school. So we left and she wanted my number so she can get me in to the school but I gave her the wrong number, because I know I can’t get in with a fake name.

A few weeks went by and I had this sense of emptiness. I don’t know what it is but it is preventing me from sleeping at night. I seem to be filling the emptiness with alcohol and I think I am becoming an alcoholic. I go and see a psychiatrist, and he is the only one I tell about my secret. He lets me know that what’s bothering me is not having any contact with my family or friends. So I took his advice and moved back home. Where I got cleaned up and was happy and peaceful again.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Mistery Story

Charlie bugler, murdered June 8, 2010 at approximately 9:30pm. A horrid murder it was, all we know is he was out at a celebration party. He had just become the head executive of his oil drilling company. Poor guy leaving behind a wife and three kids. Well they don’t seem to upset by it, they are a little to happy. Maybe they didn’t like him very much but I find this a little odd. It could be his millions, and his company he is leaving behind to them is why there not that sad. Because they’re set for their lives and won’t have to work a day in them.

Now for the investigation, who did it, why was it done, how was it done, and where. Well as of this point I know none of those things, but I have to start somewhere. So I go and get the list of people at the party. The first on there was his wife Julia, so I contact her for an interview. I go to her house on the day of June 9, 2010 she was there alone. The interview was awkward she was very fidgety, and wouldn’t look up at me. I just asked her simple questions, like did he have any enemies? Or did she know of anyone who might want to commit this crime. She said he was liked by many and really didn’t have any enemies. A few days went by talking to people who just didn’t have any good information. No one seemed to know anything, and I was beginning to give up. Then it happened, I got a call for Julia saying she had some more information. Once again the investigation was back on. When I went to her house and all she had for me was a list of people who were protesters that always disturbed him and tried to get his company shut down.

Boom there it was the lead I just needed to get this investigation going. A few days went on before I got the numbers and addresses for them. I went on interviewing people over and over again. They all had the same story to tell. They all said they never really hated him personally, but they did have a humongous hate for his company and what they were doing. Yes they all protested and what not, but they said none of them could ever think of doing such a heinous crime. A few more months went by and I was giving up all hope of ever solving this crime, I don’t want to let his family down.

Then once again I believed I heard another break through, when I got a hold of the leader of the protesters. And I interviewed her, and wow did she have a lot of hate for the man. She was very different from the other protesters. Not only did she hate his company she truly hated him. The reason for this is because she wants to hold him responsible for all the damages that oil has caused. She even said she imagined and thought about killing him herself. She was glad someone did it before she had to. But she stated that she didn’t do it and she even had an alibi to back her up.

I was in this investigation for about a little over a year now and I wasn’t ready to give up yet. Then it hit me I never interviewed the kids. And that’s when my big break through happened; the kids explained to me that their parents were rarely happy with each other. They never went out as a couple, never even held hands. They probably the worst couple anyone has ever seen. That’s when I knew I had to go back and interview Julia. I was there like a mad man, drilling here over and over. Trying to break her. I finally did, and what made her break was I made her think of the kids. And what she did to them, that’s when I brought her to court. There is when she gave a full in confession of what she did and why she did it. I was glad the biggest case of my life and I cracked it.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Bucket list

• Schooling

• Career

• Dream car

• Wife

• Kids

• Dream house

• Animals

• Huge pool

• Basketball courts etc.

• Sky diving

• Scuba diving

• Bunge jumping

• Para sailing

• Base jumping

• Travel

• Try weird foods

• Drive a race car

• Mountain climbing

• Build a drag car

• Fly in a fighter jet

• Drive a race boat

• Cliff diving

• Swim with dolphins

• Attend a super bowl game

• Go to the most famous strip clubs in America

• Party with some famous people

• Be famous

My bucket list, I was hoping to write it when I was a little bit older and at least when I knew I didn’t have much time left. That way I would have known the things that I never accomplished. But as of now my bucket list is pretty big. One of the biggest things on there is to finish all of my schooling. I am in high school right now and I hope to finish it. Then I want to go off into college, and attend Pima medical school. I would like to become either a medical assistant or a paramedic. Also I would want to drive my dream car. This has yet to come out, because I want some kind of flying car. Those are on my list so I can have a good career and do something good with the money I earn. And hopefully later in life when I establish my career, I would like to have a wife who is a wonderful person, and maybe some beautiful kids after that. Also when I have my kids I want to build a home for them. I want to build it with lots of land. That way I can have horses and other farm animals there. I want to also build it so they can have fun there. I would build a pool and a hot tub. And then I would like to build a basketball court or whatever sport they were into on our land. If my house were big enough I want to put a home theater in my home. Also I would fill my house with books and other learning tools for my children. That way the will be smart and successful in their lives. If and when they’re smart and successful they can help out with the problems in this world.

Besides all that I want to do some dangerous things. Because I’m kind of an adrenaline junky. The first thing would be to go sky diving. But not by myself, with my dad because he wants to do it to. Another thing is to fly in a fighter jet. Because they are amazing and they go fast and that’s what I love is to go fast. Another thing is to drive a race boat. Because I have been fast on land but never in that water, so I would love to experience the difference. And last I want to drive a racecar because I have only been in fast tuner cars, but never in a fast American muscle stock car.

Friday, June 4, 2010


Avatar was a very good movie, which relates to a lot that’s going on now. It had a lot of information about what is going on today. When I first watched this movie I thought it was just entertaining. Until Mr. Leh asked us to look at it in the point of view of a student. That’s when I realized it had a big meaning and explained to us the view of natives and what is happening with them. There were two big things the movie related to, they are environment and homelessness. It’s related to what’s going on our environment because in the movie these people are destroying all of their stuff just to get this rock like thing so they can make money. It’s basically the same thing with us and our oil problem. These big corporations are going around and drilling into any and everything they can. They say it’s for us and our needs, and it is. But I believe it’s still more for their benefits, so they can live wealthier and better. And what confuses me, and bothers me the most is who have them the right to go and take the oil from our earth. Who gave it to them, or better yet who even sold it to them? How in the hell did they even get the right to do that? I don’t know the answer to that but I would like to know that. My point of view is that that oil is all of ours. See what oil is, is just dinosaur remains and other things just broken down by millions and millions of years. This is why it shouldn’t have belonged to anyone. It should be left alone if you ask me. Because of all the bad its causing us and our environment.

Don’t these people see what the drilling is doing to us and our precious earth? All this drilling is putting our population in danger. Then to make matters worse is, these people have the power and technology to make a change. Like for instance almost everything we use oil for can be changed for other things that do the same job. If it’s that easy why don’t they just do that you may ask? Well I’ll tell you why, it’s because by doing that they would lose money and won’t stay rich like they are.

Now for the other part the movie related to, which is homelessness. This is similar to the movie by their homes are getting destroyed for that little rock. But what is happening in our society is the drilling of the oil. And just recently there has been a major oil spill in the Gulf of México. And how this relates to the people losing their homes is, the animals are losing their homes. They way that is, is this oil is leaking into their habitat. It’s all going into the ocean where they live. The fish breathe the water, and now that the oil is in the water their taking all that in instead of the fresh water. That’s causing them to die off. It’s also ruining the coral and many other things that live in the ocean. Not only that it is effecting the animals outside of the ocean, like birds. They go to drink the water, but they end up just drinking the oil. Which causes them to die, or forces them to relocate.

These were the ways avatar related to the movie, and I think everyone should look at the bigger meaning of the movie. Because it’s like a warning, if we don’t do something about the oil drilling soon, it will kill all of our wildlife and maybe eventually us.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Well in all honesty I really don’t have any real ghost stories. So once upon a time there were three boys who lived in a small town called Albuquerque. They’re names were David, Jeremy, and pollo. These boys were just the normal teenage kids. Looking for something new to do. Other than just going out and partying like they usually did. They seemed to be getting bored and were looking for just some kind of change. Then they began to talk with some other friends about they’re problem. And they were telling them of what scary missions they’ve been on.

So the boys took that into consideration themselves. And decided to go to a place near them, where there was a satanic church. They all agreed because they had nothing better to do than just cruise around Albuquerque. So they were off on their way to a place where they would end up regretting going there. It was around 130am and they just entering a long dark dirt road. They car was shaking as they proceeded forward. Along the way for some reason the radio just shut off, and that’s where it all began. Everything seemed ok until they heard a horrid scorching sound. They all just looked at each other and said “na” and laughed and continued down the road. They were now about half ways there when they all saw a burst of light and kind of freaked out, but it was nothing big. David just swerved a bit and stopped for a second and then continued driving.

Now they were a bit jittery but still determined to get to their destination. So on they went and came to a locked gate. It seemed there was a guard dog there. He looked viscous and almost as if he were see through. The dog charged the car and leaped into the, but just disappeared into thin air. Lucky they weren’t to shooken up, so pollo went to the back of the truck and got some bolt cutters to open up the gate. He got back in and they went down the hill. About a few miles away they could see this little building. As they got close they noticed it was the satanic church. The church looked old and creepy. The three of them got out of the truck and to look at the fence to see how they could get in. when they looked to the top of the fence the noticed there were cats stuck on the rod iron spikes like meat on a shish cabob. They were disgusted not only by that but by the smell as well. They had found an opening and went in. at the door there was an upside down cross. Despite that they went in. It was pitch black in there, the felt their way through there to see a room filled with candles. They went in and were jumped by these were looking burned creatures in red robes with horns on them. And that was the last anyone had ever heard of them. There was no evidence on what happened to the boys, the car and everything had disappeared with them. Some say they were eaten and others say they had been tied up and converted to Satanists. But there friends and family will never know.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I was asked to write an essay about who I am, what qualities I have, and my purpose of being here. This is a hard one for me, I’ve never really have gotten deep into this subject. As well as not expressed these things to other people. I don’t know if it’s hard for me to open up or what but here it goes. Well I believe I am a person who stands out above the rest. I say that because I’m not a follower but more of a leader. That’s the way I was raised to be. I think my family has a had a big influence on who I am, and who I’m going to become.

 I have truly grown since my early years of being in this world. I started my life off good. But as I progressed into middle school, I started to do bad things. I can’t really say why I just did. It was a rough time of my life. If I didn’t have the loving family I do now I don’t know where I’d be. So that was my early years, as of now I think I have a purpose in life. I guess you can say a job to do. I don’t know what it is yet, but I hope it’s something great. Even though I don’t know what my job is to do for this world, I hope it’s something in the medical field.

 I believe becoming a paramedic is my calling. I didn’t know this until recently, but my parents said that’s what I used to say I wanted to be when I was young. I always thought as a kid I would say I was going to become an astronaut or something like that. It seems that I was just different. There are people out there who say I can’t do it, I will never amount to anything.

Well you know what that just makes me want to do it more. Just so I can prove them wrong. I like to aspire to greater things then just the average human being. Besides all that I think I have good qualities, some say I do. I have a good heart because I care for others that other people wouldn’t give a dam about. As well as I think there is good in everybody. And sometimes I can see that, even if there doing me bad or wrong. I am a person who is very trustworthy as well. I think I inherited this from my dad. We both believe you’re not a man if you don’t keep your word. Why do people do that? They say one thing and then don’t do it. I say if you make promises or say you’re going to does something then do it. You can help lots of people that way, and I think you will feel better about it and yourself. Well that’s my insight on me and who I am. Those are my characteristics and overall the person who I believe I am at this point in my life.


Iam a trustworthy person
I wonder of other people see my good qualities
I hear good things about me occasionally
I see the good in people
I want to be successful
Iam a trustworthy person

I pretend to be mean at times
I feel good inside
I touch many people's hearts
I worry about my appearance
I cry almost never
Iam a trustworthy person

I understand some people's emotions
I say good advice to them
I dream of ultimate happiness
I hope i will achieve it one day
Iam a trustworthy person


                                                      Cars are my passion
                                                      I like to fix them up good
                                                      After that they go fast

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Wow you incompetent fools. If wondering who is talking to you like that, it’s me Mr. Duck. And as if you can’t tell I’m very angry at you people. How ignorant can you all be? I mean obviously drilling into this wonderful earth that mother earth created, would obviously create a catastrophe. I mean how can you be that greedy. Obviously taking things that aren’t yours would lead to bad things. And to make it worse you were taking more than was needed. Why would you put me and may others like me in danger? You all are supposedly so much superior to us. And yet you’re killing us, and destroying our natural habitat. Yes were all sharing the same world. But that’s not how were playing this out. For some reason you all have this sense of greed. You just come and force us out, and take over where were living. I’m sure if we had the power or voice we would put a stop to all this. With all the intelligence you people” supposedly “have, why is it you can’t put a stop to this. Please I’m in desperate need here. Just do me a favor and open your eyes and put an end to this madness and greed. That way you will save the world we all live in and share.